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Roadmap to the Restoration of Independence

January 21, 2017

Saturday, 21 January 2017 (Maryland, USA)

  • MoRISC Conference for the North America Diaspora holds in Maryland to agree the role of the Diaspora in the Restoration of Independence; raise funds for the movement; honor the heroes/martyrs of the struggle; complete the process of setting up MoRISC branches across the United States.
  • Use the convention of MoRISC in Maryland to agree the objectives, themes and agenda of the worldwide Diaspora Conventions of Southern Cameroonians billed for 11 February 2017 around the globe.
  • Setting up of the Constitutional Drafting Committee; the Committee charged with writing an Election Law and setting up the Independent Electoral Commission; the setting up of the Committee for Drafting a Law to Resolve Business Disputes; and Other Key Pieces of Legislature from among law professors and lawyers of the Bar Councils of the North West and the South West

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