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Neuroscience and Nationalism | Tara Swart | TEDxLSE
Published on Jun 14, 2017
"In a world where views seem to be becoming increasingly polarised, Dr Tara Swart asks the question 'Are we on the brink of a global emotional crisis' by looking at the global political climate from a neuroscientist's perspective."
Video here: a world where views seem to be becoming increasingly polarised, Dr Tara Swart asks the question 'Are we on the brink of a global emotional crisis' by look...

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AMBA: Capo Daniel Replies to a Statement on IG Shenanigans by Dr. Ayim
February 14, 2019
Capo Daniel Reply to Professor Ayim (Sako’s right hand man)

Prof , where did you get that ya PHD? How you go sey IG no endorse APNC . IG Na who ? No bi the IG’s country heads and Regional reps Na so so the IG ? Make a teach you sense :- the IG’s country heads is the IG and they are superior to the cabinet.
I am one of the delegates that created the IG and a di tell you to park fine. The IG has three main structures. The assumption you and a small clique who have taken hostage the IG has of the IG to be the cabinet alone is crab, check sense
You sey , Organising conference mean sey pipo no bi sensitive for GZ yi pains , if wuna be get sorry heart for GZ why wuna take money go open second TV channel. Money for conference di commot Na for ya pocket? No bi Na the organisers dem go find their money for do their tin deh ?
* Why you di torn torn tok so , you say the IP no de for payments or on any monthly amount. Weti bi the difference for payment and allowances? Nobi Na da so money ?
We know sey allowances for sako di pass over 10000 for some months dem. Pastor Sako no di work and Na money for IG yi di usam pay for yi house. Dat money pass sep salary. So stop playing with words.
Just last week IG’s cabinet dam approve monthly amount for Support Sako starting from next month so stop dat tin. Dat mean sey Sako dam get increase in Salary nor or Na how ? Allowances plus monthly support. Chai wuna no di shame ? . A leader a war with a salary. Dis kana tin a noba seeyam.
You di blame me for publish news about cabinet meetings, no bi Na dasso cabinet members di give me the information?
Chai wuna no di shame ?
You Di still tok about UNDC?
All man know sey wuna lie . Even IG’s CEO Mark cannot cover dis one for wuna , There was no official invitation given to the Southern Cameroons as announced by Sako on TV . We all have seen the list of pipo way dem bi attain that meeting. You pipo where not invited, you apply by yourself for go tok about Sahrawi Republic. The UNDC requires all participants to stay on topic according to information on their website, they also require all participants for submit their speech ahead of time. You and Sako Na scammer, you blackmail to UNDC about an invitation that does not exist and when dem catch you , you Di still lie. Wuna no get shame?.
Wuna put a motion for vote Sisiku out of power sey yi be “unfit” for make decisions, wuna no ba think sey Sako way yi no get papers for travel out of The USA and Canada is also not fit to serve ? . How can you put a person for chair with left Cameroons from jail and skip bail on fraud, how can you put a person for chair who masterminded a 419 scheme with an NGO called COHEB running away with tens of millions of frs CFA . You check sey Na how yi victims dem di feel each time yi Di address the nation.
Prof Ayim Park bring back MTTB
We have 8million Ambazonians to serve.
Ayaba Cho has made progress that we have never had in our history.
Let us focus
Go sleep Ayim
Capo Daniel
Sense Pass King

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AMBA: LRC gets an "F" in Movie Production
February 13, 2019
Biya Scores Another "F" in Casting Eric Tataw as Lead Arsonist
By Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)

The Biya regime is so incompetent it cannot even cast actors for the production of what Yaounde is probably hoping to be an award winning anti-Ambazonia audio film. To make matters worse, the actors, film director, and sound engineers have no more talent than fugitive Frankline Njume.

The microphone is on and hot when the poor actor invited to confess to the sin is prompted to proceed with the accusations against Eric Tataw. The actor runs through the confession to the end of the audio film, without the slightest show of emotion, only to feign crocodile tears by way of the anti-climax of this audio garbage.

Don’t get me wrong. Eric Tataw is usually undeserving of defense or sympathy. On this one occasion, though, he deserves more than just defense and sympathy. He deserves support in unmasking the Biya regime struggling to hide the crime of burning down the Kumba Hospital.

The regime admitted in the one-sided video produced by the Washington Post that their troops have been torching and are proud of torching places that they believe to be hosting Amba Boys.

Even against Eric Tataw, the Biya regime comes up wanting on credibility. This is the regime which planted and faked the discovery of an arms cache in Batibo, claiming that those arrested with the explosives seized were working for Wilfried Tassang. They found other non-existent arms caches in Mamfe State once Sisiku AyukTabe took the leadership of SCACUF.

How can the regime be believed when those it claimed to have arrested with the arms in Batibo have never been arraigned before any court in Colonial Cameroun or anywhere else on earth? This same regime burnt down the market in Victoria and pretended to have arrested culprits who confessed (on TV) to the crime, alleging that they had been paid by the Diaspora.

The paid-for-arson story about the Kumba Hospital is a remix of the Victoria Market, in case you were wondering.

As with the culprits linked to the arms cache, the arsonists of the Victoria Market have been appeared in court. There is more!

This is the same regime which alleged/staged the docking of a vessel on the Port of Victoria, with each of the 47 so-called Nigerians on board each carrying an AK47. They filmed the stuff and put it on local TV stations. Strangely, these heavily armed fellows were taken without even one of them opening fire and without even one of them being wounded… or, for that matter, even roughed up. Even more strange… ever since their so-called arrests, none of them has been arraigned before any court.

A few weeks ago, this same regime pretended that some vessel had been blown up in the sea just off the coast of Victoria by Amba Boys. They circulated video on social media making the claim, then went quiet when no one even paid them attention. They returned with a Part Two of that invention when they claimed that an international vessel with 23 crew members on board had been attacked by pirates off the coast of Victoria. This is a regime that is specialized in telling the truth about a lie.

While Eric Tataw is one of the biggest liability to this revolution, this invention by the colonialists that he paid some outfit called the Tigers to burn down the hospital is laughable. The main reason, even for those who may be scandalized, is that Eric Tataw is so irresponsible and so unhinged that he would not have needed someone else to confess his sins for him. Eric Tataw sings every crime he is about to commit or has committed. That much is on public record.

Eric Tataw did not take a pen name or hire someone else to call for the killing or harming of foreigners in Ambazonia. Eric Tataw did not need a mask to link himself to the abduction of chiefs from the southern Zone. Eric Tataw does not feel any degree of embarrassment calling for the maiming or “garri-ing” of people’s limbs. Eric Tataw called every single major global media outlet, according to his own account, to confess to the crime of kidnapping students after the PSS Nkwen kidnappings.

As with all poorly written fiction or as with all imperfect crimes, the Biya regime made Eric Tataw (the character in their audio film on the Arson of Kumba Hospital) so untrue to the real Eric Tataw that the facts cannot be right. The public record informs anyone who cares to review it that if Eric Tataw wanted to do such a thing, he is the last one of Ambalanders who would beat around the bush. The man knows how to chirp loudly like a cricket in the spring moonlight, begging to be captured. It bears repeating: if Eric Tataw sponsored the burning, everyone in the world would have heard him pounding his chest about it ever since yesterday.

In trying to hang the crime around Eric Tataw’s neck, the CPDM did not remember to answer a number of pertinent questions. Was it also Eric Tataw who attacked and executed or paid for the colonial forces of La Republique to execute the three nurses in Kumbo? Did Eric Tataw also kill the medical doctor and his spouse (also a nurse) who were based in Batibo and were executed behind he health center where they were working because they were accused by colonial forces of providing medical treatment to injured Amba Boys? Did Eric Tataw also attack medical staff at Mbingo Hospital in the days following the beheading of Sam Sawyer by colonial forces? Was it Eric Tataw, too, who burnt down the health centers in Muyuka, Ekona and the hospital in Konye? Did Eric Tataw attack the health center in Bafut? Did Eric Tataw kill the medical doctor who was executed as he came back to the hospital from lunch break and a hunting gun placed in his hands in an effort to make him pass for an Amba Boy?

The Bkiya regime has been enrolled in film making for some time now. They have repeated the class which teaches how you frame your political opponents ever since the 1990s. And, on the framing of Eric Tataw as the arsonist of Kumba Hospital, they regime has once more just scored an "F" in the class.END

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#OnThisDay February 11, 1961. The people of British Cameroons vote in UN plebiscite to determine their future:#OnThisDay February 11, 1961. The people of British Cameroons vote in UN plebiscite to determine their future:
(I) Do you wish to achieve independence by joining the independent Federation of Nigeria?
(II) Do you wish to achieve independence by joining the independent Republic of Cameroun?

Pictures of plebiscite districts in Northern & Southern Cameroons along with plebiscite results below.

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