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AMBA: Who Should Speak for YOU? Type their Names
As received
December 21, 2018
*Who Should Represent You at Any Negotiations/Mediation/Talks*

One of the advertised aims of the so-called Anglophone General Conference by Christian Cardinal Tumi is to agree who should be a delegate to any future mediation, negotiations or talks with La Republique du Cameroun. Only the Sovereign People of Ambazonia should decide who from Ground Zero or the Diaspora should represent and speak for them. Yet, if Ambazonians just sit and wait, they will be doublecrossed.

In order to prevent this from happening; in order to stop La Republique and/or the AGC of Cardinal Tumi from imposing delegates on the people, please take action. Nominate the delegates you’d want speaking for you.

Let us suppose that a total of 130 delegates will convene, being ten each from everyone of the 13 existing states of Ambazonia. Making sure that your proposed nominees are inclusive of gender, the young and old, persons from all sub-divisions or districts, etc. make your nomination part of a citizens’ referendum on this issue.

Don’t let the AGC or La Republique use pre-fabricated CPDM shortlists to cause regime collaborators, turncoats, regionalists, unionists and federalists to stage another Foumban on you.

Please, submit the name of one or more nominees below. Kindly specify their stare/county of origin along with any additional information on their sub-division or district of origin.Share widely with your friends and families and, please, do every other Ambazonian the favor of not nominating yourself:

1. Prof. Carlson Ayangwe
2. Mola Njoh Litumbe
Add to the List, if you can

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AMBA: Water in Yaunde, capital of Franco-Cameroun
December 11, 2018

Southern Cameroons Leadership Strategy
TAP WATER in Yaoundé, French Cameroun’s capital

After 58 years of Independence and 36 years of dictator Paul Biya been in power, French Cameroun can not even provide its citizens with basic drinkable water.

And they wanted to host the CUP of AFRICAN NATIONS?

And they have money to declared a war on the people of Southern Cameroons?

#Yaounde #Cameroun #PaulBiya

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AMBA: Camerounese "gendarme" Speaks his mind about the Crisis.
Fake or Not Fake, this could be a very Good Actor then ...
Some Camerouneses are SHOCKED to hear this ... and they suggest that this is FAKE.
That is how deep the Cameroons Problem is - that citizens are so entrenched in a rotten system that they have LOST THEIR SENSE OF SMELL.
Thank you "gendarme" for sitting down for the TRUTH.
The Restoration of the State of British Southern Cameroons aka AMBAZONIA is a TASK that MUST BE DONE!
December 10, 2018

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AMBA: LRC gens d'armes are Getting fed up with OFFICIAL LIES and the COMEDY of OCTOGENARIANS
December 10, 2018
Language: French, no English subtitles. Not yet ... Sorry

Base News Cameroon
Cameroon Military Against Paul Biya Of Cameroun, watch the video below

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FRANCE: "The Yellow Vest Protesters"
December 5, 2018
Language: English + Interviews in French with English Subtitles

VICE News Tonight
After three weeks of protests, France’s planned fuel tax is now on hold.

This is how the yellow vest protesters scored a huge victory against President Emmanuel Macron.

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