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Open letter to Mathias Eric Owona Nguini
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February 22, 2017
Gendarmes visit themselves in Bamenda as citizens stay away from their obnoxious and contrived afcon cup parade
MoRISCThursday, February 23rd, 2017 at 8:07am
BSC | AMB: Mt. Fako Race 2017? NOT HAPPENING?
February 18 at 1:20am ·
Breaking News ON MOUNTAIN RACE: I have just been briefed that the sponsors of the Guinness Mt. Cameroon Race of Hope for this year namely Guinness and Supermont have resisted government's pressure for the race to take place as soon as possible. To the embarrassment of the Biya regime, the sponsors, amongst other things cited the insecurity of foreign participants as well as absence of the traditional fan fare and ambience that usually characterise the ocassion. They even went as far as telling government, 'good luck' if they insisted to go ahead to organise the event unilaterally.

Therefore, the race for this year has been postponed indefinitely. Who says we are not winning? Share this post so it becomes the talk of the day such that everyone knows that THERE IS NO MOUNTAIN RACE this 2017.

My Reaction: The next event will be organised when the Southern Cameroons would have been independent. The provocative sum of 1 million given as cash price for the winner will be increased to 20 million. Citizens of La Republique du CameroUn would be participating as foreigners. ... if they mind, they may organise theirs at Mt. Febe.


From a federalist to an 'independentist'.
The Southern Cameroons MUST be free.
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Cameroons: Bamenda, State of British Southern Cameroons Today
Question - When did a sports championship become a military parade in a foreign land?
A House Built on Lies Will Never Stand the Test of Time.
You can ask any Civil Engineer.
ija' iku f+lasi.
pict E.A.Tambe
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GHOSTY GHOSTS IN ABAKWA this day February 22, 2017·
by Chris B
Coming in
The ghost town in Bamenda is intense. My sister just told me that this one is the worst ghost towns they have ever seen. The town is dead from all corner. Nobody is out. No shops. Not even the bamilike bikes are out.
Bravooooo guys, keep up the spirit. Victory is near.
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is Coming.
Are you Ready?