The Peopling of Ambazonia

The Peopling of Ambazonia: Some Observations John Keberry September 8, 2004 There are six categories of nation states in Africa. My attempt to classify them is base on their ethnic group compositions. This classification ranges from single-nation states with 60-95% ethnic group composition through bi-nation states to multi-nation states. We will avoid details as what […]

Making a killing: Israeli mercenaries in the Cameroons

AFRICAN ARGUMENTS Making a killing: Israeli mercenaries in Cameroon BY EMMANUEL FREUDENTHAL & YOURI VAN DER WEIDE JUNE 23, 2020 Comment: “Israeli mercenaries in Cameroon” … ““The BIR is sort of Mr Biya’s private army because they are not answerable to the regular army chain of command,” explains Kah Walla, an opposition politician in Cameroon.”[Cameroons] […]

Policy Brief: Risk of Mass Atrocities in Cameroon

Excerpt: “Civilians in Cameroon’s Anglophone Northwest and Southwest regions are at immediate risk of mass atrocities in a political crisis that emerged from the government’s real and perceived marginalization of Anglophone linguistic and cultural rights and identity. Cameroon currently ranks number nine of countries at risk of mass killing in the Simon-Skjodt Center’s Statistical Risk […]