Cameroon’s citizens are losing hope that their country can remain united – Washington Post

After years of skirmishing, the English-speaking minority scarcely trusts the government.
“The results reveal that Cameroon’s national unity is fragmenting

These growing divides between Anglophone and Francophone Cameroonians suggest that beyond the headlines, some citizens may be starting to abandon a belief in the country’s unity. Despite Cameroon’s long history of individual English and French speakers living peacefully as friends and compatriots, these tears in the national fabric will take both time and skilled and inclusive political leadership to mend.

Mircea Lazar (@mircealazar1) is a research assistant for Afrobarometer (@afrobarometer) and a PhD student in political science at Michigan State University.”

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Cameroun Govt Armed Agents Loot Village Homes in AMBAZONIA

Awing, Northern Zone, British Southern Cameroons | AMBAZONIA
February 28, 2019
A dozen Armed Franco-Camerounese Agents are looting the homes and property of Citizens of British Southern Cameroons |AMBAZONIA who flee into the bushes when these thugs visit them with Death. This scene has been repeated ad nauseum since 2016.
Ask a Military Expert this question: What exactly is the Exercise that these individuals are engaged in at this moment in the picture?

The UN has “RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT” Citizens left to the devices of State-sponsored THUGS like in this picture.

Pict courtesy: woScandy

From FranceAfrique to MafiAfrique – Book

Author: Verschave François-Xavier
Book: From La Françafrique to La Mafiafrique
Year: 2004
Language: French

Brief: The Franco-African policy, otherwise called Françafrique, is extremely harmful. After the proclamation of the independence of the former French colonies in Africa, political networks ensured the continuity of the plundering of the black continent to the benefit of the men of power in France by placing corrupt dictators at the head of Newly independent states. This text, transcript of a lecture given at the end of 2003, proposes to us to fly over the workings of the Françafrique and its mafia drifts and offers us some avenues for new relations with the peoples of the third world by deepening democracy to The planetary scale. …