CAMEROONS: UN Pays Attention to the War in the Failed Union of the Cameroons

“Cameroon today can no longer be a forgotten crisis. It needs to be high on our agenda,” Allegra Baiocchi, UN Development & Humanitarian Coordinator, told a news conference in Geneva.

The UN estimates the twin crises afflicting the country have left some 4.3 million people or one in six of the population requiring lifesaving assistance, said Baiocchi.

The crises talked about are, the separatist unrest in the English-speaking region and Boko Haram jihadist violence.

President Paul Biya seems to be detached and not care about what ordinary Cameroonians are going through. END
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CAMEROONS: Oct 7 Elections … And AMBAZONIA?

“Cameroon election: Five things to know about the presidential poll
Cameroon’s presidential election is scheduled to be held on 7 October.
People go to the polls amidst a civil conflict in the country’s Anglophone regions.
President Paul Biya is running for a seventh straight term at the age of 85, with a young population seen as key in the vote.
Here are five key things to know ahead of the election.”
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CAMEROONS: Horrific Video Analysis by Washington Post

Washington Post

Video appears to show Cameroonian soldiers executing women and children, Amnesty says
Amnesty International released a statement this week saying that its experts have “gathered credible evidence that it was Cameroonian soldiers depicted in a video carrying out the horrific extrajudicial executions of two women and two young children.” The human rights group says the video was probably shot in Cameroon’s far north region, where Cameroonian forces have been fighting to push back Boko Haram extremists over the past several years.

[Ilaria Allegrozzi, Amnesty International’s Lake Chad researcher who covers Cameroon] said in relation to the execution video, “this dismissal by the Cameroonian authorities is pretty concerning.

“They said they’d open an investigation and already dismissed it as fake news without proving anything,” she said. “What we have seen in Cameroon is a climate of total impunity where any crime can be committed and no one will be held accountable.”
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NY Times: Cameroons – Violence Mounts

June 28, 2018
As Cameroon English Speakers Fight to Break Away, Violence Mounts
“For a year and a half, the Cameroonian military has been accused of beating and arresting people suspected of being separatists, torching homes and killing unarmed protesters.

Cho Ayaba, commander in chief of Ambazonian Defense Forces, who delivers orders from his home abroad, is convinced a section of the United Nations Charter gives Ambazonia status as its own nation.

“We are at a very, very dangerous crossroads,” Mr. Ayaba said. “The absence of willingness on the part of Cameroon to negotiate itself out of its occupation of Ambazonia and insistence on the utilization of disproportionate force leaves the Ambazonian people with no other choice than to defend themselves.””
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Cameroons: Violence Mounts