Peaceful Anglophone WAlk [PAWA] March.

Peaceful Anglophone WAlk [PAWA] March.

DEAR comrades. We are 10 days away from the PAWA (Peaceful Anglophone Walk) March. Spread the news and get ready. Here is the master plan as published by comrade Tapand Ivo. No turning back. Read, share and comment.
Buea: Hon. Wirba, Barrister Nkongho, Tem Martin, Nguve William, Christopher Fomunyoh, Charly Ndi Chia

Kumba: Mayor Foncha Martin, Justice Ayah Paul, Kah Wallah, Barrister Eyambe Ebai, Ashu Kingsley, Akoson Raymond, Ako Allan

Limbe: Hon. Osih Joshua, Barrister Bernard Muna, Prof. George Nyamdi , Dr. Sango, Prince Ekosso, Gordon Zama, Vicky Fokala, Angelbert Nde, Ateh Thomson

Tiko: CHIEF Mayor DANIEL MOKONDO, Hon. Awudu Mbaya, Barrister Akere Muna, Dr. Fontem Neba, Barrister Sakeh Elvis, Joseph Anib.

Bamenda: Ni John Fru Ndi, Barrister Bobga, Mr. Tassang Wilfred, Mancho BBC, Abia David, Sama Francis, Caspa Frankline

Kumbo: Mayor Njong, Hon. Mbah Ndam, Marcel Amabo, Francis Wache, Dr. Nze, Emmanuel Yoyo, Augustin Jua

Mamfe: Prof James Abangma, Ako Abunaw, Tambe Tiku, Barrister Eta Besong,

Muyuka: Barrister Kelvin Ndip, Barrister Linus Ateba, Prof. Kofele Kale, Elizabeth Tamajong, Asapngu Ferdinard, Kumase John,

Bangem: Elimpe Emmanuel


Meantime, we are still updating our confirmations. More names will be coming in. Also, if you are in the diaspora, send us the leaders willing to lead in your community of cities. We should paint the World West Cameroon. The biggest rally ever organized by any country worldwide to express their grievances.

Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku approve this.

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