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Hotline for Reporting Human Rights Abuses

*VERY VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION* FELLOW COMPATRIOTS A working hotline has been effectively set up by Barrister Agbor Balla for the reporting of any human rights abuses meted out on the population by government agents (of La Republique du Cameroun). Each and any one who has been a victim of any of following abuses – rape, […]

Southern Cameroons Executive Council 1954

SOUTHERN CAMEROONS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL 1954 SITTING L-R S. A. George (Works & Survey) S. T. MUNA (Agriculture, Forestry & Veterinary) Brigadier E.J. Gibbons (Commissioner) Rev J. C. Kangsen (Health & Education) Dr. E. M. L. Endeley (Local Government & Cooperative Societies) STANDING L-R J. Murray (Financial & Development Secretary) C. A. Burton (Legal Secretary) J. […]

Fumban Conference + Constitution: 1961

Free Mola Njoh Litumbe November 14 ยท Dear Comrade Jonathan et al The Foumban Conference of July 1961 was not properly constituted because the Southern Cameroons delegation had no constitutional power to validly discuss SC external relations with third parties. The Constitution of Southern Cameroons at the time was “The Southern Cameroons Order-in-Council 1960” which […]