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4 thoughts on “UK: House of Commons Committee Room Meeting on Southern Cameroons

  1. legnic

    what was the result i will really appreciate if we know the outcome of the meeting.

    1. admin

      The audio by a Citizen who was present at the meeting gives ample perspective as to what the “outcome of the meeting” was/is.
      More meetings? Obviously.

  2. Wanle Yuri

    Very clear and upbeat feedback from the meeting. Thanks for this first step. Rome was not built in one day and a journey of 1000 miles always begins with one step. I believe this is the first time any British governmental structure is sitting to discuss Southern Cameroons since 1961. Isn’t that quite an achievement in itself?

  3. Martin Ngong Mbako

    We stand behind you wtih this move for this fight.

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