Taking Care of Victims and Heroes

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We, the People of Southern Cameroons, must make sure that those members of government and members of armed and security forces of the Republic of Cameroon who are committing the many, many ongoing human rights violations, crimes against humanity and acts bordering on genocide against Southern Cameroonians cannot enjoy the immunity the colonial regime of President Paul Biya hopes to grant them.

MoRISC invites you – Yes, we mean you, reading this post – to help with any information you may have on any of these crimes.

At MoRISC, we are determined to document the abuses and injustices, including those of isolation, torture, and dehumanizing treatment in prison, behind bars or in the concentration camps the Republic of Cameroon is running.

Even if you currently work for the government of the Republic of Cameroon, do not let that deter you from documenting and decrying the evil you witness or are made to participate in. You can save the information until the crisis dies down, but please, please save the evidence you collect.

If you know of a family member, a friend or anyone you know who has been arrested, abducted, taken hostage, “disappeared”, killed, raped, maimed, etc. kindly save or share the information below with us:
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