BSC | AMB: Citizens of the State of British Southern Cameroons SHOT AND KILLED BY LRC ON SEPT 22,2017

1. Enow Egbe (Mamfe, )
2. Arrey Louis Egbe (Mamfe,)
3. Augustine Atanga Awah (Buea,)
4. Dohmeng Pensiah Frankline (Balikumbat, )
5. Terence (Victoria)

1. Agbor Obim ( Ikiliwindi,)
2. Dinka Erasmus (Tobin)
3. Scott Witer (Victoria, )
4. Tim Willibroad Abongha (Ikiliwindi,)
5. Ngang Leslie (Mankon,)
6. Fai Cliffort (Ndop,)
7. Ruben (Ndop, )
8. Boris (Buea, )
9. Suh Basil ()
10. Nges Chantal (shot on breast, Ikiliwindi)
11. Tomasung Donatus Ncho (Santa,)

BSC | AMB: Citizens of the State of British Southern Cameroons held in the Jails of La Republique du Cameroun – for NO APPARENT REASONS

August 5, 2017

– Patrick Ndango,
– Rev kisob,
– Joe Tang,
– Tabi Edward

They are going on hunger strike as from tomorrow 6 August 2017. This cell is an underground cell with little or no light, a broken waterless and smelling toilet and lots of mosquitoes. All the heroes today in Kondegui ranging from Bar. Balla, Dr. Fontem, Mancho Bibixy, Penn Terence, Prof. Chia, Zama Gudden, Chiato Richard, Achumba Hans etc passed through this cell. It is hell on earth

Audio explaining how Desmond died
Language: Amba-Creole or Pidgin English

A young southern Cameroonian, Desmond Forsuh was found dead in a valley behind the army camp wrapped in a police bag. They were two bodies and one had a bullet wound.

Desmond Forsuh
Instance of genocide in Southern Cameroons
Up Station Bda

More Citizens of Southern British Cameroons strike prisoners discovered in MBouda prisons of The Republic of Cameroun

Find name, age, place of arresting and date of arresting.
May, 2017
1.Nfor Franklin(32) Kumba (23/01/2017)
2. Menkafor Terence (27) Buea (11/02/2017)
3. Emmanuel Mbella Yondo (26) Buea (12/01/2017)
4. Tendong Nelson (29) Mutengene (10/01/2017)
5. Hebrews Alija(29) Mutengene (10/01/2017)
6.Tumenta Sedrick (26) Mutengene(10/01/2017)
7.Etuge Isaac Nkale (20) Konye (11/02/2017)
8. Metabo Besmonic (20) Ekondo Titi (22/01/2017)
9.Atong Kennedy (20) Ekondo Titi (22/01/2017)
10. Chimsi Lucien (20) Ekondo Titi (22/01/2017)
11. Obase Declan (17)/form 5 student- Ekondo Titi (22/01/2017)
12. Bitti Din Thomas (27) Buea (23/03/2017)
13. Epie Leonard Nanje (35) Kumba (27/01/2017)
14. Etobum Clive (28) Kumba (13/01/2017)
15. Esua Norbert (27) Kumba (18/01/2017)
16. Eric Ngu Titih-Buea (25/01/2017)
17. Doh Luis Nuyela (51) Mondoni Native (25/01/2017).
Reports say Doh Luis and Emmanuel Mbella have already been convicted.
Please, let’s share.

Alternate List of Our Citizens in the Jails of Franco-Cameroun:

Compatriots and comrades,the fact that we are held in this dungeon of a prison does not mean that u have to bow. We are still putting up the fight from within. You have the last line of defense so make sure we defend well. Victory is near. We must not succumb now. Ask yourself
1)- what have u achieved in this?
2)- why enter into a train and alight midway just to continue the journey on foot?
Like the Israelites, we are almost there. We must not complain and be bitten by snakes for our God is faithful and has never lied. God bless our nation. Sen. Penn

1- Agbor Balla
2- Mancho Che Bibixy
3- Dr. Fontem Neba A.
4- Penn Terence K. (Senator)
5- Tsi Conrad
6- General Ngalim Felix
7- Awuh Terence
8- Aselacha Martin
9- Kuyase Leonard
10- Nkembu Chingum Anicet
11- Muforchu Che Jean Pierr
12- Tambou Cedrick
13- Tamngwa Malvin T.
14- Tah Emile Agwe
15- Yusinyuy Gerald
16- Kingah Valentine
17- Awemo Joseph
18- Levala Brian
19- Munji Roland
20- Yandonkeh Hillary
21- Ngeme Eugene
22- Pang James
23- Wenong Enoh Moses
24- Mongou Priestly
25- Maniaka Gaston
26- Awanatwo Zacks
27- Mkndakoh Junior
28- Ndasi Joseph Ndasi
29- Tata Elvis
30- Elvis Ndzenyuy
31- Veranso Stephen
32- Ngwa Joseph Ngalim
33- Njousi David Abang
34- Richard Chiato
35- Tim Finnian
36- Achomba Hans Achomb
37- Ndenge Borden Zama
38- Tati Eric Ngu
39- Alobwede Van Kingsley
40- Berzene Mervine
41- Essono Wa-Kemba
42- Awah Thomas
43- Sunjoh Dieudonne
44- Langwa Justine
45- Tem Clifford
46- Nkwenkam Momekam
47- Vernyuy Clarence
48- Bar. Abadem Walter
49- Njita Andrew
50- Njinon Titus
51- Wirba Bruno
52- Eugene Nyuyram
53- Tayo Livid
54- Are Kenneth
55- Lopte Jacob Lopte
56- Anyangawei Nelly
57- Numfor Godlove
58- Bayong Eugene

List of kidnapped/abducted citizens of British Southern Cameroons:

Wirba Bruno (34)
Eugene Nyuyram (45)
Tayo Livid (25)
Ade Kenneth (38)
Lopte Jacob Lopte(30)
Anyangawei Nelly (32)
Numfor Godlove (45)
Bayong Eugene (27)
Abadem Walters
Ntimah Andrew Njika

THE BOYS ARRESTED IN WUM 18 MONTHS AGO (Today is April 7, 2017)
List posted by Chris Bongam on FB
1- Achuo Emmanuel
2- Nasser Fontoh
3- Azang Hamlet
4- Ngong Solos
5- Mamouda Sule
6- Kangsen Nestor
7- Tem Joshua
8- Njuh Kingsley
9- Tibi Vincent
10- Itie Frank
11- Ewi Slain Meey
12- Afuh Jarvis
13- Abang Modest
14- Kum Gerald
15- Fung Livingstone
16- Ngong Canisius
17- Lumba Bruno
18- Fung Marcel Mih
These are boys we can’t neglect. If we don’t fight for them and let the world know the world know that they exist and are being denied trial, these boys will find themselves awaiting trial for more than 10 years. They have already put in 18 months without appearing in Court. They were scheduled to appear before the Military Tribunal today 7/4/17 but as usual, they received a paper from court extending their provisional detention to six months again

Blatant brutal treatment of Citizens of the State of British Southern Cameroons by the Occupation Army agents of La Republique du Cameroun

These are some of the crimes against our People that are adding insult to the injuries of the last 55-years in a so-called “union”.
And to think that these are Govt of Cameroun agents … who have gone unpunished for similar crimes happening since 1961, shows that our People need to run from this situation as fast as they can. African Proverb: it is easier to raise a child than to change a wo/man. The Republique of Cameroun System can only be changed by its own citizens – not citizens of BSC | AMB.