Buea Declaration II – Mola Njoh Litumbe

Buea Declaration II

21/12/2016 Page 1
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We, various leaders of the British Southern Cameroons liberation movements: SCNC, SCAPO, LDA, Ambazonia Governing Council, Civil Society, Opinion Leaders, meeting jointly with professional groups today, Wednesday 21 December 2016 in Buea, Capital of the Southern Cameroons to review the recent and ongoing cycle of intensified armed bloody repression and
terrorization in the Southern Cameroons ordered yet again by the Yaoundé colonial regime:

Commend all our lawyers, teachers, youths, women folks and citizens in general at home and abroad for their heroic Resistance and the self-defence of our besieged Homeland; commend them further for their sense of history and for their unshakable commitment to the common will of our people, our people who have already clocked over half a century of common suffering from deprivation, indignity, pauperization, xenophobia, hate speech, exclusion, extrajudicial killings, physical assaults, torture, rape, disappearances, kidnappings, systemic injustice and other abuses by the Yaoundé colonial regime;

Restate the burning desire of the people of the Southern Cameroons to be free to govern themselves on their own territory; to be free and safe from depredation by République du Cameroun, successor state of French Cameroun which achieved independence from France on 1 January 1960 within a defined and definitive territorial framework;

Remind République du Cameroun again that it is under international obligation to respect the boundaries it had at independence on 1 January 1960, in accordance with international law, including Article 4 (b) of the African Union Constitutive Act;

Reiterate the irrefutable fact that the Southern Cameroons is a completely separate territory from République du Cameroun’s territory; that the spatial configuration of the Southern Cameroons is well defined, delimited and attested by international boundary treaties; and that at no time has there ever been any boundary-adjustment agreement between the Southern
Republic of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia)

Justice – Unity – Progress
Buea Declaration II – 21/12/2016 Page 2

Cameroons and République du Cameroun, and filed with the United Nations in accordance with Article 102 (1) of the Organization’s Charter; Reiterate further that the root cause of the existential threat visited upon the people of the Southern Cameroons by République du Cameroun is not capable of resolution by any law short of the revival of the statehood and independence of the Southern Cameroons unlawfully suppressed by République du Cameroun;

Declare that no formula, whether federal or unitary or whatever, of a so-called one-Cameroun purporting to be inclusive of the Southern Cameroons, can ever resolve the basic grievances of the people of the Southern Cameroons which stem from the deep and unbridgeable incompatibility in every pertinent respect of the people of the Southern Cameroons and the people of République du Cameroun, as well as the demonstrated impossibility for the people of the Southern Cameroons to have any breathing space of their own, to enjoy basic human rights, to assume and exercise power, and to be safe and secure in any form of political association whatsoever with République du Cameroun;

Call attention to the active frenchification, land-stealing, and population-transfer policies and practices pursued by République du Cameroun in the Southern Cameroons as the clearest evidence that the English language and the received English educational and legal culture and traditions obtaining in the Southern Cameroons have been programmed for complete eradication over time and the Southern Cameroons population itself overwhelmed and destroyed by République du Cameroun;

Recall further that République du Cameroun has proved time without number over the past painful 56 years of colonial occupation that it is not a credible interlocutor or member of the international community, as it is fundamentally untrustworthy, duplicitous, mendacious, cynical, and steep in a culture of illegality, absence of rule of law, despotism, systemic violence, corruption and human rights abuse;

Demand that République du Cameroun ends forthwith its colonisation and illegal civil and armed occupation of the Southern Cameroons and orderly withdraws, without further contrivance or excuses, all its colonial civil functionaries and forces of occupation;

Deride the Camerounese delusion of power to define and fix our political status and condition on this earth or to keep us forever captives in colonial enslavement; further deride as daydreaming its thinking that the slaves that we are need for our manumission the permission of the slaver that République du Cameroun is;

Buea Declaration II – 21/12/2016 Page 3

Remind République du Cameroun that it has been rejected in word and deed by the people of the Southern Cameroons and advise it to forthwith stop resorting to various subterfuge to force itself on and impose upon the Southern Cameroons;
Note further the continued misuse and abuse of military and police forces by the Camerounese political and administrative establishment in the misplaced belief that there will be no accountability;

Call on the valiant people of the Southern Cameroons to continue and intensify the Resistance until liberation is achieved, no matter how long that will take; to remain resolute in our decolonization Struggle; to assert without compromise full right over our Homeland; to yield no obedience to any Camerounese colonial personnel whether civil, police or military; to raise the Southern Cameroons flag anywhere in the territory of the Southern Cameroons as a legitimate manifestation of our Southern Cameroons (Ambazonian) nationalism;

We reject all dialogue and negotiations with Republique du Cameroun, unless and until such dialogue and negotiations can be held under the auspices of a neutral international organization such as the African Union or the United Nations, and on equal footing. The people of the Southern Cameroons shall henceforth pay no attention to what Republique says or does, until their independence is won; We demand that all Southern Cameroonians who were arrested in Bamenda during the strike action and taken to Yaoundé be set free immediately;

We call on the population of the Southern Cameroons for:

 massive and indefinite civil disobedience against the illegal occupation;
 to strengthen, continue and enlarge the lawyers and teachers’ strike action to include all sectors of public offices;
 to henceforth take no orders from any Francophone administrator or soldier within the Southern Cameroons;
 to refuse to sing the occupier’s anthem, honour any of its state symbols or celebrate its national days;
 to throw out the occupier’s flags from their houses, cars and wherever they are in sight;
 to shut down all public offices, parastatals and other related government offices;
 to shut down CRTV in their houses and refuse to feed from the propaganda of the enemy;

Buea Declaration II – 21/12/2016 Page 4

 to raise the Southern Cameroons flag all over the Southern Cameroons territory;
 to remain determined and resolute in their struggle to end the illegal occupation of their territory by Republique du Cameroun;
 to assert their right over their territory no matter the intimidation of the enemy;
 to transfer all allegiance they have been giving to the enemy to their own country, the Southern Cameroons, and to treat La Republique du Cameroon as the foreign colonial regime that it is;
 We ask all our taximen, bikers, traders, civil servants, students, rural populations and all sectors of our citizenry to carry out this civil disobedience to the fullest;

Declare that there is no turning back in our legitimate and legal Struggle for freedom and dignity, the red line having been crossed in the face of the current cycle of cowardly massacres, maiming, torture, rapes, savagery, disappearances, kidnappings and arbitrary arrests of unarmed civilians perpetrated in the Southern Cameroons by La Republique’s forces on the
orders of the Yaoundé colonial regime in pursuance of its established policy of shoot-and-kill and terrorization in the vain hope of forcibly securing submission to colonization and plunder;

Further, we exhort all citizens of the Southern Cameroons to be ready and willing to endure whatever they must endure to get back their territory. This is a fight for our very existence as a people. The enemy is working hard to accomplish the evil agenda of destroying our identity, culture, language and feelings as a people! Many of our citizens have already been killed by the
enemy and some carried to Yaoundé. There is no turning back at this point, but perseverance until victory is won. Whatever we suffer will be a small price to pay to get back our country for all future generations! To Southern Cameroonians sitting as MPs in Republique du Cameroun’s parliament: you hold the key to liberate your people without a gunshot! Walk out of Republique’s parliament where you are permanently ridiculed and come home and be kings in your own country, our beloved Southern Cameroons. Our forefathers did this in 1953 in Nigeria; you can also do it today! Save your people from the murders, the violence, the endless intimidation, brainwashing and scolding of their foreign dominators. For how long will you watch while your own people are tormented like this? Enough is enough! Walk out, NOW, and save our country, the Southern Cameroons.

For all Southern Cameroonians serving in Republique’s army: you have always been considered as outsiders and treated with suspicion; such treatment will now even be worse. Be a true danger to the enemy! Your country, the Southern Cameroons, needs your services now

Buea Declaration II – 21/12/2016 Page 5

more than ever. Henceforth, your allegiance is to your own country, the Southern Cameroons, and not to the foreign dominators.
Make a clarion call on our traditional leaders and those who have been self-interestedly coopted into various environments of the La Republique’s system not to betray the trust of our people but to stand side by side with them in the Resistance;
Inform our people that all those killed by the forces of the enemy during the strike shall be given a heroic burial as people who died fighting for the fatherland, the Southern Cameroons.
The People of the Southern Cameroons, acknowledged as a PEOPLE by the African Union Commission, and therefore entitled to the fundamental human rights of All Peoples, including that of Self-determination, urgently appeal to the African Union, the UN and the International Community, to initiate Urgent Constructive Dialogue between the People of Southern Cameroons with La Republique du Cameroun for a peaceful separation to end the annexation of Southern Cameroons.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty.”
Resistance! Resistance! Resistance! Until freedom is achieved!

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