Emergency All Southern Cameroons Meeting to be Summoned in Buea

Breaking!!!!!!”  Southern Cameroons Conference Summoned in Buea

Mindful of the Killing of Southern Cameroonians in Bamenda and Kumba by the government of La Republique du Cameroun and the unwillingness to show remorse for their actions;

Mindful of the inhumane treatment meted on Lawyers Teachers and students of the University of Buea and Bamenda by the government security forces;

Mindful of the transfer of Southern Cameroonians arrested  to Kondengu Prison in Yaounde during and after the Demonstration;

Considering the urgent need for the unconditional release and return of those arrested to their respective families in Southern Cameroons;

Aware of La Republique du Cameroons divide and rule policy  to kill our struggle for Liberation;
Mindful of the concerted efforts made by top southern Cameroonians working with La Republique to mortgage the destiny of Southern Cameroonians for their selfish political motives;

Mindful of the need not to repeat the errors of the past;
Mindful of The continuous failure of Dialogue between La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons;

Mindful of the need for self determination as enshrined in Articles 19 and 20 (1) and (2) of the African Charter;

Mindful of the Two separate territorial maps handed to Paul Biya President of La Republique du Cameroun in Yaounde Unity Palace by the United Nations  President of the  General Assembly on May 20th 2010;

Aware of the live TV broadcast on CRTV by Journalist George Ewane confirming the handing over  of the Two maps of the two countries to President Paul Biya;

Mindful of the need for unity of all the Southern Cameroons peoples from home and abroad for a common course under one umbrella;

Cognizance of the Liberation message made by Hon.Wirba Joseph in the National Assembly for Our Struggle;

Aware of the Sacrifices borne by Lawyers, teachers, students, parents, Youth leaders, Activists and every single Southern Cameroonians for the collective liberty of our people from the shackles of oppression, marginalization, dictatorship, brutality, false imprisonment and colonialism;

Mindful to the Total Failure of Dialogue between the Southern Cameroons Consortium and La Republique du Cameroon in Bamenda Yesterday 27th December, and today 28th December in Yaounde;

I Hereby Propose as follows:

1.  That  An All Southern Cameroons Emergency Meeting be summoned in Buea capital of Southern Cameroons to come out with final proposals and road map to the Southern Cameroons Struggle.

2. That Southern Cameroonians from all walks of life be represented in the meeting. To wit; Lawyers, Teachers, Youth Leaders, Students, Elderly Southern Cameroons  Statesmen, Trade Union Leaders, Chiefs and Fons and every Traditional leader, Journalists, and Religious Leaders.

3. That a Southern Cameroons provisionary Leadership Team be created to henceforth Speak for and in the name of the peoples’ of Southern Cameroons and Represent all negotiations entered into thereinafter.

4. The meeting should end with an Ultimate Declaration for the 2nd Janwalk and a motto set for it as well as a date for the Final Declaration of the Restoration of The Republic of Southern Cameroons.

Signed by Ashu Shamy. LL.B (Hons) University of Buea.
Southern Cameroons’ Frontline Activist.
President Emeritus University of Buea students’ Union (UBSU)

Done on this 28th Day of December, 2016