NY Times: Cameroons – Violence Mounts

June 28, 2018
As Cameroon English Speakers Fight to Break Away, Violence Mounts
“For a year and a half, the Cameroonian military has been accused of beating and arresting people suspected of being separatists, torching homes and killing unarmed protesters.

Cho Ayaba, commander in chief of Ambazonian Defense Forces, who delivers orders from his home abroad, is convinced a section of the United Nations Charter gives Ambazonia status as its own nation.

“We are at a very, very dangerous crossroads,” Mr. Ayaba said. “The absence of willingness on the part of Cameroon to negotiate itself out of its occupation of Ambazonia and insistence on the utilization of disproportionate force leaves the Ambazonian people with no other choice than to defend themselves.””
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Cameroons: Violence Mounts