3 thoughts on “Gorji Dinka Speaks

  1. Leonard Dinnyuy Jaidzeka

    HRH Fongum Gorji Dinka’s detailed presentation of these issues flow with some fairness and firmness that only “Truth” from the Natural fountains of honesty and sincerity could inspire and produce. I think he could make a great president and leader to usher us to independence, and pave the way forward after that, for the duration that our new constitution will provide. This, all other truth bearing pieces of evidence from our fathers like Mola N. Litumbe and other forefathers like J.N. Foncha and Benard N. Folon, in addition to the current Strike situation and state of affairs is clear proof that the time for separation has come for us Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun.

    My preoccupation now is, if all we need to have our seat at the UN is for all our Citizen MPs to quit the Cameroun Parliament, then what else are they waiting for? What do our MPs need to do to quite Cameroun Parliament? What kind of help do they need to do so? If we the people need to support them to this end or mount pressure on them to do so, then let us go ahead and do it. That is what I think we should be doing next after today’s victory.

    Today the 9th of January 9, 2017, schools have not reopened in Southern Cameroons. This is a big step in the line of victory for our struggle. So, I think we should now focus on making our MPs to quit Cameroun Parliament, so that we can obtain our seat in the UN and move on to our goal “Independence”.

  2. Julius Acham

    HRH Fongum Gorji Dinka Sounds presidential, knowledgeable, and willing to follow through for a seat at UN level. The Online survey that showed 78% in favour of Independence in addition to Coffin Revolution and Peoples strikes on the ground and demonstrations internationally, to me are great evidence at UN level of our desire to be FREE. I strongly believe a Dinka/Mola leadership combination with Hon Wirba as Speaker, will bring us victory at UN level in a very short time. In my view, Let us approve them as Interim Government structure for now and expand to other portfolios gradually. Our approval and support will give them credibility at UN level.

    1. Martin D.

      There is an incredible pedigree of Southern Cameroons Americans practicing law in the United States. HRH Fongum Gorji Dinka is the Almighty’s grace to the long suffering people of Ambazonia who must now win freedom and proceed to emerge as a strong economic voice under the rule of law and order at the eastern flank of West Africa.

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