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Brief to former PM Musonge by a Citizen

February 3, 2017
For those not familiar with the dynamics of Cameroons politics,
Franco-Cameroun has used carrots/sticks + divide/rule to effectively OCCUPY the State of British Southern Cameroons.
Obviously they have used some British Southern Cameroons citizens to accomplish this goal.

Citizens should question ALL the “chosen” helpers of our Occupation: if our children are not sleeping in peace and tranquility why should they?

We have Citizens of British Southern Cameroons who are former PMs and Officers/Agents of the Franco-Republique du Cameroun,

Some are members of the Central (Communist) Political Party
that belongs to the 55-year old gov’t – a Politburo of sorts.
Right now even 5-year olds in our territory know what “cpdm” stands for [Chop People Dem Money] which says it all.

These Politburo members of the so-called govt central party pretend not to see/hear/know/smell anything even the rape by govt officers of our daughters … As long as francofunny business keeps them kicking, they think – and want to convince you/me/the world that ALL IS OK in the Cameroons.
Wirba told them in their FrancoFunny Faces:

We refuse to be led by People who have proven over and over that they are Nyamf+kahs – Plain and Simple.